PPC InterfaceMonitor

PPC InterfaceMonitor 0.13

Monitor WiFi traffic on your device


  • Monitors lots of data
  • Tabbed interface


  • No way of exporting data


The proliferation of WiFi means that these days you can get connected for free from lots of places around town. If you want to track exactly what is being sent to and from your Pocket PC via its WiFi connection then check out PPC InterfaceMonitor.

The app provides a very visual way of monitoring and analysing incoming and outgoing traffic on your device. There are a series of indicators that display a range of information, such as the precentage of time connected over a period of time, total traffic sent and received, and information on the internal interface. Easy access to all this data is facilitated by a tabbed user environment, allowing you to flick quickly between different types of information.

If you are a regular WiFi user and want to keep track of your traffic, PPC InterfaceMonitor provides a very clear way of doing so.

The PPC InterfaceMonitor is a small application for Pocket PC, which was designed to show the WLan usage/traffic in a vivid way. It's also possible to use it with GPRS, WAP, USB or other interfaces.

PPC InterfaceMonitor shows sent, received and complete traffic in a graph. Other detailed informations like current/maximum traffic, current usage, sent/received data and much more are also available. So you could use this tool e.g. for analysing the Internet usage or the alailable bandwidth or many more things.

PPC_InterfaceMonitor was programmed in VisualStudio.Net 2003 with C# and Compact Framework 1.0. So you will only need the Compact Framework 1.0, but it's included in ROM of Windows Mobile 2003 and greater, so you don't have to install it.

PPC InterfaceMonitor


PPC InterfaceMonitor 0.13

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